Q & A with Marc Murphy

Marc Murphy is one of NYC’s best known and loved chefs (and we feel lucky to call him one of our close friends).  In addition to cooking the classic, comforting and flavorful food at Landmarc and Ditch Plains, he also serves as an ardent supporter of hunger relief organization City Harvest. On top of that he is a judge on Food Network’s hit show, “Chopped.” Oh, and did we mention he is a Super Dad to his 8 and 4 year old kiddies, a consummate entertainer at home, surfer, ballet aficionado, and the list goes on…Can you say Renaissance Man?


Favorite thing to cook for your kids?

I love to cook anything that I can cook WITH them. Scrambled eggs with parmesan has become one of our favorite breakfasts because my daughter can now make them almost entirely by herself. We also make a lot of pastas and salads – anything they can help chop, clean and cook!

Favorite thing to cook for yourself?

A big bowl of pasta

Any tricks for getting kids to eat foods other than pizza and chicken fingers?

Getting kids interested in cooking really helps – if the kids work with me in the kitchen, they are way more excited to try what we’ve made. I also always have them at least taste whatever I’m eating. Our rule about food is to say yes before you say no and to at least try everything. You’d be surprised how many things kids will eat – we don;t give them enough credit!

Is there anything your kids eat that makes you cringe?

Chicken fingers.

What are 5 ingredients busy parents should always have in their refrigerator?

Parmesan Cheese, Milk, watermelon, cooked pasta, sliced turkey

Favorite restaurant other than your own (feel free to share as many as you’d like)?

ABC kitchen, Extra Virgin, Crispo, Locanda Verde

Your three favorite kitchen tools?

Vitamix, japanese mandolin, side towel

Is there anyone you would really like to cook for?

I would love to cook a state dinner at the white house.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite thing to do?

I love to travel with my family (eating is always a big part of these trips!) but when we’re home I love to surf and really the best way to spend time is just hanging with family and friends.

Favorite thing to do in NYC with your kids?

New York is such an amazing place to raise kids – there are so many amazing activities all of the time and truthfully, I love doing anything with them when they’re having fun and taking advantage of the city. Taking them to see things – museums, ballets, musicals – that’s pretty cool. It gets them thinking about things outside their world and it’s amazing to see everything through their eyes.

Favorite travel destination?

Italy and France

Place you haven’t been to that you’d most like to go?

Japan and China

What would your last meal be?

spaghetti carbonara

When you have dinner parties, who are your two very favorite guests?

Daniel and Michelle, of course!

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